good girls go to heaven, bad girls … 馃尭
I like to write songs like no one will ever hear them, I write more honest lyrics that way. I say things I wouldn鈥檛 necessarily have said if I was thinking about all the people who would buy it someday. So when I鈥檓 writing a song I鈥檓 only thinking about the person I鈥檓 writing the song to and I try to imagine that this is just a song I鈥檓 writing like I鈥檓 putting a message in a bottle and throwing it out to the ocean.

"taylor doesn鈥檛 belong at the acms ugh!!!"聽
you do not belong at the acm鈥檚 either
but who鈥檚 actually there? nominated for entertainer of the year?聽


Taylor Swift at the 49th Annual Academy Of Country Music Awards


Taylor Swift at the 2014 ACM Awards



taylor symbolizing album five tonight:

鈥 her black skirt symbolizes the color of roses when they die
鈥 her skirt being long symbolizes that it will be longer than all of her other albums
鈥 her 5 fingers mean that there will be 5 bonus songs

oh and if you鈥檙e wondering how i know this i got it from a website so i know it鈥檚 real